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Biblical Botanical Gardens Society - USA

March 16, 2011
Location: Boston, MA USA

BBGS-USA Appoints NE Tri-State Director

The Biblical Botanical Gardens Society of the USA ( is proud to announce the appointment of the Reverend Doctor Frank M. Gada as its Regional Director and Master Gardener for the States of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. As Regional Director, Dr. Gada will be available to lecture and make media presentations on the topic: Biblical flora.

Dr. Gada will also assume the role of inaugural President of a Biblical Botanical Garden Club now forming in the Cape Cod area. As President, Dr. Gada will be the principal local resource. Gardeners seeking to plant the flora named in the Bible and other ancient texts in the very special climate and conditions peculiar to the region, now have a local, experienced source for sound advice and special materials.

The Biblical Botanical Gardens Society is an institution of gardeners and organizations dedicated to spreading and growing gardens comprised of the plants named in the Bible. The foundations of western civilizations rest in a very large part on these precious few, heirloom plants. The Society holds that very real benefits can be derived from the continued propagation of this human sustaining flora. Appointing Dr. Gada as its Regional Director makes the Society's educational resources - seminars, symposiums, lectures - much more readily available to would be gardeners along with the special materials needed to found and maintain such plantings and gardens and plants. His appointment as clubs President makes his guidance to and advice for biblical gardening clubs directly available.

The reasons behind the Society's appointments are simple. All who know him agree: "Dr. Frank is good with flowers!"

For nearly thirty years, Frank's neighbors, friends and customers have reveled in the stunning floral styles issuing from Frank's fertile mind and able hands. They have delighted at his ongoing professional growth, as he graduated from the major floral design schools of America, Europe, and Asia, bringing back with him ever more beautiful, more meaningful arrangements. Franks floral arrangements add grace to any occasion, elevating them from the mundane to the sublime. See examples of his wonderful works at

Frank's talent has never been limited to the flower vase. His talents also extend to garden layouts and designs and floral landscaping. Those of us who garden know how hard it is to get blooming times and colors just right for the best, prettiest, longest lasting effect. This is second nature to Frank. He plays the floral blooming times, colors, and an aroma the way a concert pianist plays the notes of a concerto. The result: total visual and sensual harmony and ultimate, serene garden beauty.

Frank practices what he preaches. Not satisfied with just arranging flowers and layout out gardens for others, Frank keeps his own, lovely garden set in the challenging climate of Cape Cod. Frank's deep horticultural knowledge allows him to overcome Cape Cod's short growing season and salty soils and air. Those who wander his gardens marvel at the wonders he has worked. Naturally, they have asked his help with their own efforts and he responded unstintingly with his horticultural and how-to knowledge and practical experience. Not satisfied with helping only those who asked, Frank went to the airwaves and for the past dozen years has shared himself with the listeners of C3TV through the TV show Sonny’s Floral Trends.

Now, the Reverend Doctor Frank Gada shares himself once again with the membership of the BBG&S-USA and the Seed, Spade and Sword community of learners (

We welcome him and the experience he brings.

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Rev. Dr. Frank M. Gada