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Floral Thoughts

What's your Hue
A meaningful color:
• Red True love, congratulations
• White Innocence, purity, reverence
• Yellow Friendship, jealousy
• Peach Sincerity, gratitude, appreciation
• Pink Admiration, joy, sympathy
• Lavender Enchantment
• Orange Fascination
• Coral Desire
• Black Farewell, death
• Red & White Unity
How does your garden grow
Here are a few of my garden favorites. Mix and match for an Edwardian Garden look:
  • bachelor's buttons
  • clematis
  • coreopsis
  • cosmos
  • dahlias
  • daisies
  • delphiniums
  • heliotrope
  • hydrangeas
  • lilies
  • marigolds
  • nasturtiums
  • peonies
  • queen anne's lace
  • ranunculas
  • roses
  • salvia
  • sunflowers
  • sweetpeas
  • yarrow
  • zinnias
Talking Fresh

Tulip Care 101
With the proper conditioning tulips can last for several glorious days.
Did you know the tulip is one of the only flowers that continues to grow after being cut and can also generate new varieties quite by chance?
So wonder there is such a magnificent range of tulip choices, from the striped ruffled edges of the parrot or Rembrandt tulip to the peony tulip to the black Queen of the Night tulip to vast color choices of the classic tulip.

Springtime is synonymous with tulips. Here's how to keep yours going strong:


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